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Company profile

MultiParking Group of companies has established at 2005 as a result of deep and comprehensive analysis of modern cities and transport infrastructures problems and development tendencies. Company core business is engineering and science approach to solve social important problem of constant and temporal car parking places deficit in up to date cities. Integrated and customer tailored development and implementation of multiparking decisions provides high functional and commercial efficiency.

Company Mission. Professionally, comprehensively and effectively solve social important problem of car parking places deficit in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine by means of advanced approaches and technologies.

Field of activities: Analysis, development, installation, service and operation of any complexity and scale multiparking decisions from private garages to public parking.

Main company activities:

Parking-engineering – development and implementation customer tailored hi-tech parking projects by means of multiparking technologies application for new build or reconstructed estate objects with residential, public, business, trade, logistic, sport and entertainment functions.

Parking technologies engineering – development and manufacturing of operation equipment for automatic and mechanical parkings.

Parking estate – investments in construction of multiparkings with residential, social and business functions.

Parking management – management and operation of mechanical and automatic parkings.

Exclusive engineering – Special customer tailored equipment development, manufacturing and installation for garages, parkings, buildings and constructions.

Activities area: Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus, Ukraine.

Partners: “MultiParking” Company has World wide business and partnership connections including USA, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Korea, India, Australia and China. Conglomerate international corporation YEE FUNG dedicated in development and manufacturing all types of parking equipment with more 10 years history and come to the fore of industry global market is exclusive and strategic partner of “MultiParking” group of companies in the field of automation parking technologies implementation on the territory of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

Technologies: Equipment and technologies, which company applies for parking decisions implementation satisfy state of the art technical standards, EU and Russian quality standards and prove by applicable certificates.

Company activity: Only “MultiParking” Group of companies from CIS countries has participated September 2007 in 13-th European parking Congress (Madrid, Spain) and represented by Alexander Kaminskiy. Every year company participates in dedicated exhibitions, congresses and conferences covers the problems of transport, garage construction and parking area architecture in megalopolises. Modern parking systems and technologies revue and classifier developed by company specialists is ready for publishing.

Achievements: Up to the end of year 2011 company has prepared more than 350 automatic parking solutions different complexity and contains more than 75 000 car places in total. Company has great experience in unique content and scale projects development.

Taking into account high topicality to join modern parking technologies promotion efforts and urgent industry problems solution, company “MultiParking” and industry players has established Association of machine operated parkings builders (AMPB) and is active member of it.

Company management

Alexander Kaminskiy is founder and President of MultiParking International Corporation (design engineer, Master of Science in Economy, MBA, and author of many articles and publications on development and implementation of innovative parking technologies).

Company advantages

Main advantages to cooperate with company “MultiParking” are the follow:

— engineering underlie main activities;

— system and integrated approach to parking problems solution;

— individual approach to every project;

— customer interests protection instead of manufacturers;

— most effective technological solutions from implementation and operation stand points;

— high qualified and experienced team of different specialists such as engineers, design engineers, designers, architects and installers;

— effective management and planning;

— top level of technologies, works and cervices quality and reliability;

— the best QUALITY/PRICE/EFFICIENCY ratio in industry branch;

— industry leaders from Asia and Europe are company partners.